Renewable Energy Insurance in Greenville, SC

The need to protect our environment has gained worldwide attention due to climate change. As a result, using natural resources like wind and solar energy as cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels has increased dramatically. We recognize this growing trend and have focused on providing insurance products and services to support renewable energy sources such as hydro, tidal, geothermal, wind, solar, and cogeneration. With our marketing expertise, we can meet the needs of businesses seeking renewable energy insurance programs in Greenville, SC.

Renewable Energy Insurance in Greenville, SC

Products Liability

Manufacturers have an obligation to provide a safe and reliable product to the public. SBRM has years of experience and an expansive marketing network to provide comprehensive and competitive product-liability coverage for various industries with high exposures.

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability insurance is crucial for small, closely held companies because it provides coverage for exposures not covered by a General Liability policy. Specifically, the policies included in this insurance offer important coverage layers that protect the directors and officers and the company

Employment Practices Liability

The area of Employment Practices Liability has experienced rapid growth in insurance claims, with settlements exceeding $100,000. The most common claims are for sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, and defending against these allegations can easily cost six figures or more. SBRM has the marketing expertise to provide the most comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

OSHA Compliance and Loss Control Safety Programs

Ensuring safety compliance is a fundamental obligation for all companies, regardless of the industry. OSHA has established extensive and highly detailed requirements for virtually every type of exposure, and non-compliance can result in hefty violation fines. SBRM can assist in developing an Injury and Illness Safety Program that can help establish compliance with OSHA’s standard requirements.

Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability) Insurance

Allegations of inaccurate advice or mistakes and oversights can result in costly claims. The cost of defending against these errors and omissions can be significant, not to mention the potential for a judgment in favor of the plaintiff. At SBRM, we have experience in providing industry-specific E&O policies and “Miscellaneous Professional Liability” coverage for unique exposures.

Renewable Energy Insurance

The demand for green energy has grown significantly, leading to the emergence of new technologies related to renewables. However, novelty is often accompanied by new risks. Whether the risk is environmental liability, professional liability for consultants and contractors, EPC and maintenance contractors, EV charging stations, developers, or anything related to clean energy renewables, SBRM has the expertise and marketing experience to get the job done.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Exposures to a cyber security breach are commonplace these days, and even the most sophisticated operating programs can find themselves vulnerable to a hack. We can help by providing security checklists to prevent many types of security intrusions and tailor insurance protection to safeguard your business against security breaches.

Builder’s Risk and Installation Floater Insurance

Construction projects require more than just General Liability insurance to protect against claims for property damage and bodily injury to third parties. A Builder’s Risk policy is necessary to insure the replacement value of the project itself until the completion of construction and responsibility is turned over to the owner. The Builder’s Risk policy has three main coverage parts:

  • Materials and Supplies in Transit
  • Property at a Temporary Storage Facility
  • Values at the Jobsite

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation is mandatory insurance coverage in all states to cover employees for work-related injuries and illnesses. SBRM possesses the necessary marketing expertise to secure coverage for businesses of all sizes, from small companies with a few employees to large multi-state corporations with hundreds of employees. Additionally, SBRM offers loss control safety programs and claim management assistance, including unit statistical reviews, to address the net cost of insurance.