About Us

SBRM is committed to providing affordable insurance products and value-added services to the renewable energy industries. As renewable energy moves towards its goal of becoming a key worldwide energy resource, we have expanded our scope and expertise to achieve this goal. We are prepared to help manage risks related to the energy demand side and assist companies and consulting firms that focus on energy-efficient technologies to strategically assesses their exposures and insurance needs.

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Our staff has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. We have worked on the carrier side as commercial lines underwriters and on the brokerage side, handling complex programs within regional and national insurance brokerage firms.

Our services are available across over 25 states, and these numbers are only projected to expand and grow as the demand for renewable energy grows domestically and abroad.

Our Commitment

To fulfill our commitment to the renewable energy industries as a trusted partner, SBRM pledges to:

  • Manage Risks Effectively
  • Provide Financial Security
  • Encourage Savings
  • Uphold the Principle of Utmost Good Faith


“The team at South Bay Risk Management have worked diligently and creatively to find competitive insurance solutions for our company and project companies. They promptly respond to our questions and listen so that they can better identify the insurance products we need for a project. They have become our trusted source for insurance advice and coverage.”

Keith McDaniels, Managing Partner
Juniper Energy
Keith McDaniels
Juniper Energy
D 650.288.6810 | 510.502.9117

“South Bay Risk Management has helped our companies deal successfully with problematic insurance issues. Alan Virgil is always responsive and helpful, I would highly recommend South Bay.

Daniel Webb, Notus Clean Energy, LLC and Meadowatt, LLC.”
“Alan and Tina are very prompt and on top of things. They have been helping me with my business insurance needs since 2010. Very competitive prices and great service. “
Daniel Zajchowski
tel: 1 773 964 3104
fax: 1 773 961 7214

“I have worked with Alan Virgil for 30 years. He has always been top notched getting things done and working and responding to my insurance needs. He has been more than our insurance agent but a friend over all these years. Can always rely on Alan at all times, and he will go to bat for us!”

Best regards,
Aviation Casework & Architectural Millwork
Kurt Webster | VP Controller
PO Box 31354, Los Angeles, CA 90031
O: +1.323.227.5000

“Genifuel began using SBRM seven years ago as a result of a positive reference we had received. Both our company and the reference were technology companies in the field of renewable energy. SBRM was able to tailor the coverages we needed and find a favorable set of insurers to meet those needs. Service has always been prompt and efficient, as well as responsive to our changing needs over time. We continue to be exceptionally pleased by the service and by the entire team at SBRM and would certainly recommend them to others as we ourselves were.”

Best Regards,
James Oyler
Mobile: +1 801-232-1300
Email: jim@genifuel.com
Web: www.genifuel.com

“South Bay risk management has been handling our GL insurance policies for years. I feel like we are getting the best deal and the best coverages possible. Always professional and quick to respond. Would recommend.

Tony Hamilton

“South Bay RMINS sourced for me a combined product of professional and construction liability that’s essentially two-for-one on price – miracle workers!

Tim Olsen, PE
Advanced Energy Systems LLC
1428 South Humboldt Street
Denver, CO 80210
Office 303-777-3341
Cell 303-908-2439

“I’ve worked with Alan Virgil and South Bay Risk Management for many, many years.

From settling a claim after a catastrophic fire loss, normal insurance needs and obtaining Performance bonds, their hard work and expertise have always been much appreciated.”
Brown McPherson, President, Bromack Co.
Aviation Casework & Architectural Millwork
Brown McPherson
PO Box 31354, Los Angeles, CA 90031
O: +1.323.227.5000
M: +1.323.908.1945

“Working with Alan and the SBRM team has been fantastic. They are incredibly responsive and always provide solutions.”

Rick Baldini